One of the first questions people ask me when I arrive to do a story is "why?" I tell them 9/11 shook my world and I had to make sense of it. For me, that meant giving back the only way I knew how, through photography. Assisting Ansel Adams for three years taught me the power of a photograph. In May of 2002 I closed my commercial Seattle photography studio and Nancy and I moved to Santa Fe, an inspiring location, a fresh start. Shortly after I learned about the Four Corners coal-burning power plants and the health affects they had on local people. That's when my real work began.

We've documented horrendous social injustice and environmental irresponsibility. We've also seen positive changes brought on by dedicated individuals who took a stand. Through education Americans are conserving and less coal is being consumed. Renewable energy is taking precedence. Good news and bad news: we're using less coal so the coal companies have turned to China. They have big plans and we're going to document them. Your generous support is necessary to get those stories out. Thank you for believing in us, and thank you for your continued support.

Nancy and Carlan

What we do

Using photography and audio recordings, we document the environmental and health impacts on families affected by coal. That material is used to provide a voice for people who do not have one and to create a broader awareness across the United States through lectures, educational programs and exhibits.

We provide educational curriculum materials for K-12, colleges and universities.

We provide media support materials for communities, families, and individuals affected by coal.


Since 2005 we have documented stories for people and communities in New Mexico, Arizona, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alabama, Wyoming, Oregon and Washington. Photographs have been, and are currently being used, as supporting evidence in four major litigations in U.S. Federal court.

Our work has been presented at TEDx, lectures and exhibits at Plattsburg University, Bradley University, Fort Lewis College, Santa Monica College, College of Santa Fe, Seattle Central Community College, Santa Fe University, Santa Fe High School, Bokoshe Oklahoma Elementary School, Maine Media Workshops, Santa Fe Workshops, Anderson Ranch Center for the Arts, New Mexico Museum of Art, Open Shutter Gallery, Phil Space Gallery and Santa Fe Art Institute.

We have donated computer systems to Bokoshe, OK Elementary School and to educators on the Navajo Nation.

In 2012 Naamehnay Project developed, Passing It On, a grant mentorship program to provide young emerging photographers the skills to document and provide voices within their own impacted communities.

Our Future

To continue to document stories for people and communities affected by coal and to expand our venues for lectures, exhibits and educational programs both nationally and internationally.